Dapo Adeola introduces the 'Speak up and make a difference' challenge and shares his tips

About Dapo Adeola's and Nathan Bryon's book, 'Speak Up!'

Speak Up! is the third book in the series by award-winning duo Nathan Bryon and Dapo Adeola. This book sees the main character, Rocket, using her courage and confidence to save her local library, which is being closed down, after being inspired by reading about Rosa Parks’ life. It will warm your heart and show you the power of peaceful protest and what we can all achieve by speaking up and getting others to listen. 

Could you 'speak up and make a difference?'

Would you like to help put an end to bullying? Do you think people should take better care of the planet by recycling more?  

Choose an issue that you feel passionate about and create a poster or sign showing your reasons. You could even write a mini speech explaining how you feel and what you think others should do to help.  

Top Tip 1: Use bold letters on your poster to make your message stand out. 
Top Tip 2: Add colour and drawings to help others understand your message. 
Top Tip 3:  Include any other important details like dates, times or places. 

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