As we step into summer, we have chosen to share some fantastical and funny fairy tales. These titles are all twists on traditional stories with an element of humour, adventure or fun on every page.

Perfect for encouraging book chat and playing book-based games, these stories would also be great to use when forging new relationships with children and finding out what makes them laugh! 

About the Book

'Bibi and the Box of Fairy Tales' by Vivian French and illustrated by Amy Grimes

Bibi is a modern girl with a big imagination but she doesn’t believe in magicWhen she moves house with her mum, for the umpteenth time, she discovers a hidden room where she meets her fairy godmother. Bibi’s dearest wish is to stay in one place with her mum, but will her wish be granted by her fairy godmother? Only if she can open the magic box with its seven chains and padlocks. So Bibi’s quest begins. 

With the help of Sylvestro, a magic cat, Bibi sets out on seven adventures through fairy tale lands full of giants and sprites and naughty witches. In each of seven stories she meets creatures to help and problems to solve through her own courage and hard work. Each success brings her a new key, and another step closer to opening the box.   

Along the way Bibi discovers that kindness and cooperation can overcome the greatest of challenges, but is there a fairy tale endingYou’ll need to open the box to find out!  

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