When a child becomes a reader they get the very best chance in life

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Author: Emma Van Allan

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Author: Yoann Van Nuwenborg

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Author: Emma Van Allan


of schools said their reading helpers helped children to increase their self-confidence and self-esteem

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    Do you have a memory of a time when you suddenly felt very grown up and that, quite possibly, something you'd chosen to read played a part in giving you that feeling of independence and perhaps contributed to you growing more fully into yourself? Hear from children's author Ross Montgomery who talks of just such an experience! Read more

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  • Being more open-minded about science fiction

    Science fiction - do you love it or hate it? And if you're not a fan, does that mean you're less likely to share a science fiction book with your child? Gill Worrall our resources developer explores how exploring all sorts of genres with children is important - regardless of our own preferences. Read more