Beanstalk’s service is simple yet highly effective. We recruit, train and support volunteers to provide consistent, one-to-one literacy support to primary school children who need our help. Our trained reading helpers give them the support they need to improve their reading ability and confidence.

Our one-to-one reading support changes the child's life: 

  • Improving their reading ability
  • Inspiring confidence in their own ability
  • Increasing their enjoyment of reading

Beanstalk reading helpers are trained to recognise what challenges each child faces and tailor their sessions to support each child.

Each Beanstalk trained reading helper works with on average three children and provides consistent support on a weekly basis, for a whole school year. Together, they read, play and talk. With Beanstalk's support the child's approach to reading and learning is often transformed:

  • 93% of the children that Beanstalk supported made improvements in their reading ability
  • 74% of the children that Beanstalk supported improved their reading ability by at least two reading sub-levels
  • 99% of schools agreed that their reading helpers made a significant impact on the children they supported

If you would like to help transform a child's life, you can find out more about becoming a Beanstalk trained reading helper here.