Life is better when everyone can read well and express themselves confidently. If you're looking for a rewarding volunteering experience then Coram Beanstalk is for you.

Make a lasting difference to a child:

By volunteering as a Coram Beanstalk reading helper you'll pass on your skills and experience, and make a lasting difference in your local community.

  • 97% of children we support have an improved attitude to reading
  • 99% of children have an increase in confidence
  • 98% of children have an increased enjoyment of reading

But it can also help you start a new chapter!

You won't only change a child's life, you'll change your own: 

  • 95% of our reading helpers would recommend it to a friend 
  • 94% feel proud to be a reading helper
  • 93% feel their volunteering makes them feel valued
  • 88% of our volunteers feel it makes them mentally active
  • 71% feel more part of the community  
  • 61% feel more motivated 

You'll meet new friends at our reading helper get-togethers and book-swaps.  

And you can trust us to be there for you:

  • We provide full training prior to starting
  • You have a dedicated Coram Beanstalk Support Representative to support you
  • We organise reading helper events so you can make friends and share experiences
  • We offer further training and development in topics like dyslexia
  • You'll get access to lots of useful resources to help you in your sessions through our volunteer portal 'MyBeanstalk'

In assembly one of my boys was presented with a gold star for reading. I cried, it was so unexpected. Valerie Jamieson, Coram Beanstalk reading helper 

The children see their reading helpers as part of the school community and they're invited to attend assemblies to celebrate and share the achievements of the children. Janine Dodds, Deputy Head Teacher at The Oaks Primary School 

Find out more about what to expect and where we work, or apply now!