Andy Seed introduces the 'Go on a rainbow scavenger hunt' challenge and shares his tips

About Andy's book, 'Nutty nature facts and jokes'

Did you know? A jellyfish is not a fish. A pole cat is not a cat. A slow worm is not a worm. A dandelion is not a lion. Children of all ages will have buckets of fun reading Andy Seed’s Nutty Nature Facts and Jokes. Amaze and entertain your friends and family by sharing snippets from this crazy collection of wildlife facts and jokes. Sarah Horne’s beautiful black-and- white illustrations help to bring Ned the Nature Nut’s journey to life! 

Could you go on a rainbow scavenger hunt?

Get outdoors to your nearest park or green space and see if you can find a nature item for each colour of the rainbow. Don’t worry if you can’t find every colour and you can collect more than one item of each colour if you want to. Take a small container to keep your items safe. When you get home, assemble your items into a rainbow and see how many colours you found! 

Top Tip 1: Make sure you look up towards the trees and right down on the ground to see what you can find! 
Top Tip 2: Try to collect items which have already fallen to the ground to avoid picking plants.  
Top Tip 3: Take care when picking things up off the ground! Watch out for dog poo and broken glass! 


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