Naomi Jones introduces our 'Build a tower' challenge and reads from her, and James Jones' book, 'One more try' and gives some tips

About Naomi and James' book, 'One more try'

'One More Tryis the second book written by Naomi Jones, with fun and colourful illustrations by James Jones. It tells the story of Circle who wants to build a tower, just like the squares and hexagons have done. Circle discovers that this is harder than expected but perseveres to find a way. This book is an excellent example of building resilience and realising it’s OK to find your own way, as well as being a great introduction to shapes for younger children.  

Can you 'build a tower'?

Look around your house for as many different shapes as you can find. You could use things you find in your toy collection, packets and tins from the cupboard, or you may have a set of Lego or other building blocks. Use the things you have found to try and build a tower just like in ‘One More Try’.  

Top Tip 1: Make sure none of your items are too heavy as they could hurt you if they fall over! 
Top Tip 2: Think about which shapes are easier to build with and use these nearer the base of your tower. 
Top Tip 3: Take your time and add items to your tower carefully. When you’ve finished see if you can measure how high your tower is! 

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