Joshua Seigal introduces the 'Perform a poem' challenge and shares his tips

About Joshua's book, 'Welcome to my crazy life - Poems by Joshua Seigal'

'Welcome to my Wonderful Life' is a brilliant collection of poems written by Joshua Seigal, scattered with amusing illustrations by Chris Piascik.  

Many of these poems play with words and poetry forms, covering a range of humorous and relatable topics. Lots of them will make you laugh out loud, while some of them touch on more serious subjects in a sensitive manner. Some great ones in here to read aloud and add your own actions! 

Can you perform a poem?

Learn a poem or part of one, off by heart. Say it to yourself in your head when you are walking along. Use the rhythm of the poem to guide your steps. 

Top Tip 1: Add some actions to your poem to help you remember certain words or lines. 
Top Tip 2: Experiment with your voice! Use different tones and voices for certain parts and try saying some parts very slowly or quickly. 
 Top Tip 3: Find an audience. When you are happy with your poem, ask a friend or family member to listen to your fantastic performance! 

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