Really Big Pants is a theatre company specifically for primary-aged children. They wrote their storytelling show, SUDDENLY...!, to celebrate and encourage literacy, using recognisable elements of traditional tales (and some really big pants) to inspire and entertain, and they have performed it to thousands of children in schools, libraries, bookshops, theatres, and at lit fests, including Coram Beanstalk's own brilliant BookFest. In 2018 they were thrilled to launch a chapter book adaptation of the show, along with two extra stories featuring Grandma and Red. Willow and Joe are both avid readers and love nothing more than a great book. Apart from cake maybe.

Every one of our highlights to date has been a child responding to our show with them telling us how inspired they now are to write their own story, or by then sending us a story they've written afterwards, or by simply telling us they are encouraged to read more. Coram Beanstalk's role in primary schools is absolutely crucial, and their motto of 'reading, growing, thriving' sums it up. We are so proud to have partnered with them on several literacy projects. Bravo, Coram Beanstalk!

Twitter: @reallybptheatre