Gary is a Secondary School Teacher of over 16 years, in Engineering and Design Technology, in Medway, Kent, UK. He was inspired to write a Children's book by both of his son's love for reading. His main hobbies (in addition to reading) include Football and music. He is also a qualified Mechanical Engineer.

Gary’s books are a series of stories centred around a Viking called Vincent and his dog Ringo. Together, they are being taught valuable life skills and lessons. Each book focuses on a different life skill that young people need through their early years, ages 3 - 7. The books themselves have been used in local Primary schools, where they have been the focus for their "Power of Reading" weekly projects. He also produce his books in larger print, for Children with sight and vision impairment.

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I have enjoyed supporting Coram Beanstalk by linking local schools with the charity and encouraging reading throughout the curriculum, through providing volunteers at secondary school ages. In addition, I have supported Beanstalk events as they appear, whether it be through social media, or donating some of my books.