Abi Elphinstone

Abi has volunteered as a reading helper at Essendine Primary School in London since 2015 and is also the author of the highly acclaimed Dreamsnatcher trilogy and Sky Song. Read more...Read more

Benjamin Scott

Author of eleven books, Benjamin Scott is thrilled to support Beanstalk’s Get Norfolk Reading campaign. He is a passionate about sharing a love of reading, writing and storytelling. Read more...Read more

Chris O'Callaghan

Author of The Great Chocoplot and resident in the North East, Chris is happy to help support our work in his home region. Read more...Read more

Gary Hake

Author of a series of books about a Viking and his dog, Gary writes and teaches in Kent so is particularly interested in supporting Beanstalk in the South East. Read more...Read more

Gerald Smythe

Gerald is a keen supporter of Beanstalk’s work in the South East and is passionate about bringing stories to life through the Jack, Lilly and Friends book series. Read more...Read more

Joseph Hopkins

Author and illustrator living on a farm in Kent, Joe is delighted to be involved with our South East team to promote Beanstalk. Read more...Read more

Joyce Dunbar

Best known for lively, quirky picture books, many of Joyce’s books have been dramatized for stage and puppet shows. As a resident in Norfolk, Joyce is keen to help promote our work in the East of England. Read more...Read more

Kate Prendergast

Illustrator of the beautiful Dog on a Train and Dog on a Digger wordless picture books, Kate joined Beanstalk to help children read in 2017. Read more...Read more

Lisa Thompson

Lisa’s debut children’s book The Goldfish Boy was a huge success and she has recently published a second book, The Light Jar which is proving to be just as successful. Lisa is a supporter of our work in the East of England, where she lives in Suffolk. Read more...Read more

Lucy Strange

Lucy teaches English in a secondary school in Kent so is acutely aware of how important reading is to children progressing through their school careers. The author of The Secret of Nightingale Wood, Lucy is hugely supportive of our work in the South East. Read more…Read more

Matt Oldfield

Along with his brother Tom, Matt writes the popular Ultimate Football Heroes biographies for children and has been a Beanstalk reading helper in both South and North London since 2017. Read more...Read more

Maz Evans

Maz kindly took part in our Beanstalk BookFest 2017 donating an incredible talk to over 150 Beanstalk-supported children. Read more...Read more

Peter Bunzl

Peter’s debut novel Cogheart and follow up Moonlocket are both highly commended novels and Beanstalk children in London have been benefitting form his support since 2017. Read more...Read more

Piers Torday

Piers has been a Beanstalk reading helper in London since 2012. He is also the author of The Last Wild Trilogy and There May be a Castle. Read more...Read more

Polly Faber

Author of the Mango and Bambang series of books, Polly has been helping children with their reading for Beanstalk since 2011. Read more...Read more

Stanley Salmons

Stanley has written 42 short stories and is a great supporter of Beanstalk, particularly in the North West. Read more...Read more

Steve Antony

Writer and illustrator of much-loved picture books including The Queen’s Hat and the Mr Panda series, Steve has been hugely helpful in supporting our launch in the South West. Read more.....Read more

Steve Cole

Steve is not only the best-selling author of many children’s books including the Astrosaurs, Cows in Action and Young Bond series but also a strong advocate for our work. Read more...Read more

Tom Palmer

Writing very popular children’s books about sport and history, Tom is a special supporter of our work in Yorkshire. Read more...Read more