A Dark, Dark Tale

Children will delight in following the black cat's progress through the dark wood, into the dark house, and eventually to the surprise discovery at the back of the toy cupboard. Read more here...Read more

Archie's Unbelievably Freaky Week

Archie is an accident waiting to happen. He can't help it. In just one week at school, he is accused of murder, gets trapped in the staff cloakroom without any clothes, and somehow manages to turn himself into a dog. Read more here...Read more

Class Two at The Zoo

It's a field trip to the zoo! The teacher and students see parrots squabbling and cheetahs running. What they don?t see is the crafty anaconda that slithers out of its pond! Read more here...Read more

Dave's Cave

Dave lives in a very nice cave, but he starts to wonder whether there is a better cave for him out there. He packs up his belongings and adventures out to find the perfect cave for him. Read more here...Read more

Dear Zoo

A classic children's book that introduces young children to an array of animals that they might find at the zoo. Read more here...Read more


Most days everyone would agree that clumsy Eric is the opposite of a hero. But when a huge monster stomps down from the mountains, Eric might just get the chance to prove them all wrong. Read more here...Read more

Flip Flap Jungle

Flip Flap Jungle invites the reader to create their own animal and make it roar! The possibilities are endless enabling children to create their own animals, such as an ‘Antilla’ (Ant/Gorilla)! Read more here...Read more

Frog and Toad are Friends

Frog and Toad have captured the hearts of many generations and young readers. Follow their adventures in this book where they write letters, go swimming and tell each other stories. Read more here...Read more

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night

A small boy who has been kidnapped by brigands, passes a dark and stormy night in their cave weaving for them incredible stories of their own exploits. Read more here...Read more

It's Okay to be Different

The title of the book provides a clear message, to encourage children to understand difference in people and to be more tolerant of others. This colourful book, a trademark of Todd Parr, details lots of situations, some that will make children laugh and some that will even make adults think. Read more here...Read more

Little Beauty

A very special gorilla is taught a very special skill: sign language. He appears to have everything he needs, but one day he signs that he is sad and needs a friend. His keepers bring him a tiny cat called Beauty and the two of them become inseparable. Read more here...Read more

Lottie Potter Wants an Otter

Lottie Potter really wants an otter and heads to Trotter’s Otter shop to buy one. This wonderfully funny rhyming book is filled with plenty of tongue twisters which children and adults will love trying to read out loud together. Read more here...Read more

Mixed Up Fairy Tales

The pages of this book are physically separated so that children can create stories from well-known Fairy Tales. Goldilocks can be intertwined with Little Red Riding Hood to enable children to make quick, funny stories! Read more here...Read more

Norman the Norman from Normandy

This delightful book follows small, but brave, Norman, who just wants to visit his father’s graves. Disaster and trouble follows Norman wherever he goes. Read more here...Read more

Oi Frog!

This book is packed with animals, rhyming and silliness! This bestselling story will have children and adults in hysterics! Read more here...Read more

Once Upon an Ordinary School Day

A schoolboy who finds everyday very ordinary suddenly has a very un-ordinary day as a new teacher, Mr Gee, arrives and challenges the children to use their imagination. Read more here...Read more

Open Very Carefully

Imagine reading the story of the ugly duckling and a crocodile pops up trying to steal the words and pictures in the book! Where will the crocodile turn up next? Read more here...Read more

Peace at Last

Mr Bear finds himself wide awake at a time he should normally be sleeping. Familiar noises, such as a ticking clock and Mrs Bear snoring, are keeping him awake. Will Mr Bear get peace at last and finally fall asleep? Read more here...Read more

Press Here

This isn’t just a book – it’s a game in a book that entices even the most reluctant of readers! It involves the reader carrying out different tasks in order for the pages to turn. Read more here...Read more

Some Dogs Do

A heart-warming story about a dog who wants to fly. This story will have children guessing all the way through the book as to whether dogs can really fly. Read more here...Read more

Tadpole's Promise

The reader is welcomed into a beautiful friendship between a caterpillar and a tadpole in Tadpole's Promise, but can the tadpole keep his promise to caterpillar? Read more here...Read more

That is NOT a Good Idea!

A plump fowl meets a very friendly fox, but the fowl shouldn't be fooled by the fox's charming invitations to dinner as he has a tasty plan for the fowl! Read more here...Read more

The Big Book of Magical Mix-Ups

The pages of this book are physically split so that children can spend hours mixing and matching magical spells! Read more here...Read more

The Book with No Pictures

An original book that truly contains no pictures but lots of fun words for children to sound out. The one condition of this book is that it has to be read out loud. Read more here...Read more

The Brilliant World of Tom Gates

All Tom Gates wants to do is get tickets to see his favourite band when they come to town. It's not easy when he's up against Delia, his weirdo big sister. Read more here...Read more

The Children who Smelled a Rat

Follow the Gaskitt family in this deligthful book. The amusing stories of the Gaskitt family include Mrs. Gaskitt finds a very peculiar package, Mr. Gaskitt loses a baby in a shopping cart and the family cat, Horace. Read more here...Read more

The Covers of My Book Are Too Far Apart!

This delightful book explores the fibs we tell children and the fibs that children tell us about reading and books in a fun picture book. Read more here...Read more

The Great Big Book of Families

This fun and fascinating treasury features all kinds of families and their lives together. Each spread showcases one aspect of home life - from houses and holidays, to schools and pets, to feelings and family trees. Read more here...Read more

The Laugh Out Loud Joke Book

The Laugh Out Loud Joke Book is jam-packed with over 300 hilarious jokes written and selected by bestselling children's author Michael Rosen. Read more here...Read more

The Tunnel

Once upon a time there lived a brother and sister who were complete opposites and constantly fought and argued.One day they discovered the tunnel. The boy goes through it at once, dismissing his sister's fears. When he doesn't return his sister has to pluck up the courage to go through the tunnel too. Read more here...Read more

The Wolves in The Walls

Lucy hears strange noises and is convinced that wolves are living in her walls. This is a perfect picture book for older children that has so many interesting and inspiring meanings. Read more here...Read more

There's A Bear on My Chair

This delightful rhyming book follows a mouse and bear who both just want to sit on the same chair! Read more here...Read more

There's No Such Thing as A Snappenpoop

A younger brother is told by his older, bossy brother to go and find mythical creatures. But can he find the fictional Snappenpoop? Read more here...Read more


Tidy follows Pete the badger who loves to tidy up and eventually destroys all nature until he realises its true benefit. Read more here...Read more

We're Going on A Lion Hunt

In this beautifully illustrated rendition of a well-known children's chant, two sisters are looking not for a bear, but for a lion-a lion that lives on the African savanna. Read more here...Read more

What Are You Playing At?

This book uses pictures and simple words to challenge common stereotypes and beliefs. Read more here...Read more


A picture book that documents the changing landscape from a boy's bedroom window. Read more here...Read more

Wriggle and Roar!

A fantastic book full of different rhymes to make you wriggle and giggle, shrug and sigh, snap like a crocodile and slither like a snake. Read more here...Read more

You Choose

This truly original book allows the reader to choose a different experience every time you open the book. Read more here...Read more

You're a Bad Man Mr Gum!

Mr Gum is a very mean man, follow his hopeless plots and ventures in this funny book. Read more here...Read more