Oi Frog! - Kes Gray (author), Jim Field (illustrator)

Using the power of rhyming, this hilarious book answers the question of which animals sit on what objects: cats sit on mats, hares sit on chairs, mules sit on stools and gofers sit on sofas. This book is packed with animals, rhyming and silliness, we challenge any adult to not laugh at the last page of this book!  

Here's author Kes Gray reading Oi Frog! on You Tube and if you search his channel on You Tube you can find him reading lots of his other books too! 

Oi Coram Beanstalk! Thank you so much for including Oi Frog in your reading scheme! I’ll trust you to get your seating arrangements right. Kes Gray, author

Coram Beanstalk is a fantastic charity. I was contacted by one of your reading helpers the other day about how Oi Frog had totally transformed a Coram Beanstalk pupil’s confidence and the humour they shared, they couldn’t wait for next week’s catch up which made me delighted to hear and makes the job I do, the best in the world! Jim Field, illustrator