You Choose - Pippa Goodhart /Nick Sharatt (author), Nick Sharratt (illustrator)

You Choose is brilliant for engaging children. Every time you read this book with a child, a different experience unfolds as you pick different homes, outfits, furniture etc. It is a magical journey which inspires exciting book chat between the child and adult.  

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Of all the more than a hundred books I've written, You Choose is the one that is most often seen in a crumpled, torn and drawn-on condition.  That is wonderful because it reflects a book being used and used and used to bits by children! Pippa Goodheart, author

As a huge admirer of Coram Beanstalk and the vital work they do in primary schools, I'm truly delighted that not one but four of the books I've illustrated have been selected for inclusion for their top 40, geared to help set children on the path to confident reading. Nick Sharratt, illustrator

My favourite children’s book has to be ‘You Choose’ by Pippa Goodhart because it opens up all kinds of conversations and stories from the children just by talking about the objects on the page. It is great to see and hear their imagination embroider stories, with very little words in the book. Pauline, volunteer from Cheshire

I’ve also used You Choose with my Coram Beanstalk readers. A great way for us to get to know one another better in our early sessions. They loved looking for themselves in the illustrations. Sally, volunteer from Somerset