Tidy - Emily Gravett 

Tidy follows Pete the badger who loves to tidy up and eventually destroys all nature until he realises its true benefit. A great book to read to little ones who are interested in nature and to show them a value lesson in just how important nature is to us. 

Emily Gravett, author 

Nothing is more important in helping a child learn to read than fostering a real love of books through fun interaction, and access to books that capture a child's imagination, so I’m flattered and delighted that my book Tidy has been selected to be included in Beanstalk’s Book Boxes.

Two Hoots, publisher 

I'm so pleased that Tidy has been chosen to be included in your packs. Beanstalk is such a brilliant organisation, and I'm sure both the children and the volunteers will enjoy reading Emily Gravett's wonderful book about Pete the badger.