For many children, 'reading' means having to choose books with made-up stories but stories aren't for everyone! 

If a child is switched off to the idea of reading they can be missing out on a whole world of information and interesting discoveries residing between the covers of a book. Our role as adults is to try and introduce them to a range of different genres and, by spending time understanding their passions and interests, we can point them towards books which we know will float their boats.

This month we've chosen a selection of books about science, technology, engineering and maths - all of which are exciting, engaging and bound to grab the attention of many a budding scientist, tech-wizard, engineer or mathematician - even those who aren't that keen on reading!

About the book

World-whizzing facts: awesome earth questions answered by Dr Emily Grossman, illustrated by Alice Bowsher

In this new book, TV science expert Dr Emily Grossman answers incredible and important questions about our natural world. You'll find out silly things like why some animals do square-shaped poos and which direction a dog is likely to face while weeing, but you'll also learn what climate change and wildlife loss are actually doing to our planet and what YOU can do to help.

Covering a diverse range of key science topics, from human biology and animals and plants to the weather and space, Dr Emily shows readers why Earth is so weird and wonderfully great. Did you know there's a planet in our solar system where it actually rains diamonds? Imagine that! If you lived there, you'd always be picking them out of your hair, your pockets and probably your pants!

Dr Emily also tackles Earth's BIGGEST problem: climate change. Through clear, sensitive explanations, you'll find out what is actually happening to our Earth and what this means for both humans and wildlife - and what we can all do to help!

Written by TV science expert, STEM ambassador and advocate for women in science Dr Emily Grossman, this book will make your eyebrows rise, your jaw drop and your world WHIZZ! It will also give you hope about our future and how we can ALL make a difference.

Dr Emily Grossman had this to say:

"I can’t tell you how delighted I am that my book World-Whizzing Facts has been selected as book of the month by Coram Beanstalk, especially as I know this wonderful charity helps support children who find reading hard or feel reluctant to pick up a book. As someone who struggles with reading I have always preferred quiz books and puzzles, or silly jokes that involve wordplay or puns. That’s why I wanted to write a book for children that includes all of that! My first book, Brain-Fizzing Facts, was just that - an entirely silly book full of weird, strange and disgusting facts and their explanations. For my second book, World-Whizzing Facts, as well as more of the same I wanted to also include a few more serious facts about what’s happening to our planet and why - and, crucially, what we can all do to help. Young people today hear so much confusing, scary and conflicting information about climate change and wildlife loss, so I wanted to make sure they have a place to come where they can find out the truth, explained in a simple and supportive way, and can feel both reassured that there’s hope and empowered to make a difference."

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