At Coram Beanstalk we are very proud of the work we do in secondary schools delivering our Reading Leaders programme.

Our programme trains young people from years 9 – 13 to become reading leaders in their school and support younger reading partners in year 7or 8 to build their confidence in reading.

This month we are sharing a selection of Beanstalk Brilliant books aimed at 11-13 year olds, which are perfect for encouraging reading for pleasure and have chosen the very brilliant 'Oh Mummy Mia!' by Maz Evans as our Book of the Month.

About the book

Oh Mummy Mia! by Maz Evans

Join the Gods Squad in Ancient Egypt in the new hilarious adventure from the bestselling author of the Who Let the Gods Out series! The Gods Squad is back!

Vesper and Aster are in knots.

Wicked Egyptian immortal Seth has kidnapped the Sun God, Ra. 

And if the children can't save him in time, they'll soon be mummies . . . 

The second story in superstar author Maz Evans’s hilarious series, which started with Oh Maya Gods!.

As well as a brand-new Gods Squad led by Vesper and Aster, your favourite characters from the bestselling Who Let the Gods Out? series are back.

Book 2 of 3 in a superlative new spin-off series of mythological baddies – this time in Ancient Egypt.


'Hilarious with a bolt of genius – her best yet' M.G. LEONARD

'A riotous slam-dunk of immortal hijinks. An absolute blast!' SAM COPELAND

'Gripping, exciting and of course, packed with trademark Evans humour, OH MAYA GODS! proves again that Maz is one of the very finest storytellers we have.' PHIL EARLE

I hope you all enjoy your adventures with Vesper and Aster in the Ancient Egyptian Duat... Prepare to battle giant snakes and angry daemons.... and hope that the Book of the Dead protects you. Not least from eating your own poo... 

Maz Evans

Equally brilliant beanstalk books for encouraging reading for pleasure in secondary school

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