Children need to be able to see themselves and their lives in the books they read to feel connected. And it’s equally important for them to read books that widen their understanding of the lives of others too.

To celebrate International Women’s Day this year we have selected a range of Beanstalk Brilliant books which feature fearless female characters or real-life heroines past and present. Each of these books showcase different stories of girls and women who have demonstrated bravery, courage, inventiveness and creativity when faced with adversity and challenges.

About the book

Peanut Jones and the End of the Rainbow by Rob Biddulph

Some legends are born, some are drawn . . .

Notorious villain Mr White will stop at nothing to wipe out colour and creativity everywhere. But he’s gone too far! This time he’s lured Peanut’s mum into terrible danger and only Peanut and her friends can save her. An action-packed mission to the heart of the magical Illustrated City tests friendships and leads to a final showdown that makes Peanut question everything she thought she knew. . .

Equally brilliant books with strong female protagonists


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