Norman the Norman and the Very Small Duchess - Philip Ardagh (author), Tom Morgan Jones (illustrator)

This delightful book follows small, but brave, Norman, who just wants to visit his father’s graves. Disaster and trouble follows Norman wherever he goes. His journey introduces him to some great characters, including Duc de Quack and Eric the Fearful. 

Tom Morgan-Jones and I are DELIGHTED that Norman the Norman from Normandy has found his way into the Beanstalk starter packs, aren't we Tom? Tom's nodding as he's busily drawing Norman riding Truffle, the not-so-wild boar. Why are we so pleased. "Because Coram Beanstalk is the best!" I was going to say that, Tom... *Mutters* Anyway, it's a fantastic scheme and we're all-three pleased to be a part of it. All four, if you count Truffle. Philip Ardagh, author

We couldn't be more delighted to have two titles included in the new Coram Beanstalk volunteer engagement pack.The key to unlocking a love of reading is getting the right books in the right hands at the right moment and so it's fantastic that those working with struggling and disaffected young readers will have access to some of the best books, carefully chosen by Coram Beanstalk and bookseller experts. It's so important that we all support the truly amazing team of volunteers to be effective in their work with young people. Barrington Stokes, publisher