This month we've chosen a selection of Beanstalk Brilliant Books which will appeal to children who have a sense of humour, children who enjoy the weird and the strange and who might have a particular interest in bodily sounds and waste!

All the books we've selected will help children learn about the amazing real stuff that goes on in the human and animal world - and they're guaranteed to make them laugh as you repeatedly say POO!, FART! or SNOT! over and over again!

About the book

Life-Sized Animal Poo by John Townsend and Isabel Lundie

How big is an elephant's poo? This fun yet informative book about animals gives kids all the scientific information they need--plus the "yuck factor" they love!

Every animal, big and small, does it: poo. And kids can learn all about the process from this eye-opening guide, which features to-scale representations of faeces from creatures across the globe, as well as salient facts and graphics showing the species' size relative to humans. There's even a gatefold image of elephant dung - which can't fit on a single page! The guide will help young readers to identify different animals, from squirrels, skunks, coyotes, and geese to lynx, koalas, crocodiles, and mountain gorillas. It will open their eyes to nature's wonders and encourage them to explore and appreciate their local wildlife.

Equally brilliant beanstalk books which are factual and funny

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