Rhyme and rhythm help children to predict text, and poems for children are usually 'bite-sized' and fun and can therefore be very appealing!

Reading poetry can be a great way for children to 'really read' without them realising that they are doing it… but to get the best out of it we need to recognise that poetry is best performed and what a lot of fun we can have reading with a child with that!

Having fun with the rhythm of a poem, taking turns, using sound effects, guessing the endings of the sentences and reading poems that are funny or silly can be a wonderful experience for both the adult and the child so we've chosen a super collection of poems as our 'Beanstalk Brilliant' book of the month for June for you to try, and a selection of similar collections from some of our favourite poets.

About the book

Smile Out Loud by Joseph Coelho and Daniel Gray-Barnett

Twenty original poems from award winning poet Joseph Coelho designed to be read aloud to project happiness, conjure happiness, make you laugh or cheer others up. Some are odes, some can be said as personal mantras or just poems full of words that you can't help but smile when you hear them.

This is a book for any child who wants to build confidence reading aloud, or wants a way to channel their speech and drama confidence. It is a book to foster a love of words and the power that comes with the spoken word. It will show children how speaking a poem aloud has a certain magic, almost like reading a spell.

Poems can be read aloud to an audience, muttered quietly to oneself or whispered in the ear of someone who needs to hear some cheerful words.

Equally brilliant beanstalk books of poetry

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