Transition can be an exciting but daunting time for many children. Whether they are moving up a class in school, or moving from primary to secondary school, it can bring up lots of feelings and anxieties.

Sharing books which touch on these topics can be a great way of helping children process feelings, empathise with characters who are going through similar experiences, ease concerns and worries, and ultimately help them to feel more confident and ready to embrace a big change. 

About the book

Quiet Storm by Kimberly Whittam

No matter how quiet it is, you've got a voice, Storm. You should use it to speak up for yourself.

Storm has never liked to stand out from the crowd, but ever since she started Year 7, her life has been full of people telling her she needs to speak up, make friends and be more like her popular big brother.

Then Storm breaks a school record, and finds herself the new star of the athletics team. But as she's thrust into the spotlight, her home life and friendships start spiralling out of control, and it's time for Quiet Storm to show that she has something to say.

A tender, empowering novel about family, friendship and finding confidence in who you are.

An interview with author, Kimberly Whittam

Hello, my name is Kimberly Whittam and I’m an author and Assistant Senco from Manchester. My first book, Quiet Storm is about a shy twelve year old girl who learns that you don’t have to be loud to have a voice. 

In Quiet Storm, we meet Twelve year old Storm who’s life is a whirlwind. Her mum is in a roller skating club and her dad is in a rock band. Her big brother is the most popular boy at school and her mischievous dog, Minnie, loves causing absolute chaos. 

Despite the noise around her, Storm is quiet and reserved. She’s incredibly shy which means that she finds social situations extremely difficult. She usually relies on her best friend to help her but she’s been put into a different form group so she now she’s has to face challenges alone. 

 That is until one day during her PE lesson, everything changes for Storm. She breaks a school record to become the fastest sprinter ever at her school. Her teacher wants her to join the athletics team and gives her a letter to get her parents to sign so she can take part in the athletics championships where she will compete against schools across Manchester.  

After the initial buzz of being told that she’s the star sprinter, Storm’s excitement fades because she hasn’t been able to persuade her best friend Zarrish to join the team and the thought of doing it alone is far too scary. Now this is where the story usually ends for people who are shy. There’s something that they really want to do but the thought of it is way too scary and the fear stops them from doing it. This is Storm’s belief. She doesn’t think that she can do it. For the championships, she would have to wear her PE kit to school, get on a bus with people she doesn’t know and stand on the starting line with everyone watching. So she decides to forget about it. But her brother has other ideas. He hands in her reply slip for the championships behind her back and now Storm must start training with the athletics team. Now Storm is in a position where all eyes are on her, you will see if she can she run her race with everyone watching, or if her insecurities will stop her in her tracks. 


Just like Storm, quiet children across the country let their lack of confidence stop them from joining in. I wrote Quiet Storm to show these children that they can achieve everything that they set out too; if they take the brace leap and go after their dreams.  

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