We all know that wellbeing is important to everyone's overall physical and mental health. It's all about how well we think we are doing and and what we think about our own lives. It's where we learn to have confidence in ourselves, our skills and build positive self-esteem and resilience to cope and thrive.

Books can provide the perfect opportunity for children to learn, discover and finds ways to identify things in the world which may be causing them worry. They can be a way of recognising, naming and sharing these concerns in a safe and comfortable environment with people who have their best interests at heart.

These books can also build children's confidence in connecting with others who may be experiencing similar emotions - reading about how characters cope, find solutions to problems and how they are supported by others can help the reader to develop their emotional intelligence.

Sharing these books together creates lots of opportunity to chat together in an open environment. An adult reading with a child can start conversations by asking what a child thinks about a certain character in a book, or asking what they might do in that situation.

Giving children the time and space to share their thoughts and concerns whilst valuing their thoughts, ideas and opinions, are all really brilliant ways to support their wellbeing.  

About the book

Super Duper You by Sophy Henn

Sometimes we are loud, sometimes we are quiet, sometimes bold and clanky, sometimes soft and cuddly. Sophy Henn celebrates all the different, extraordinary and sometimes contradictory things we are in this joyful and colourful rhyming picture book. Perfect to read aloud - and then read again, and again!

Message from Sophy Henn and some Super Duper resources

Puffin have created some additional resources to accompany 'Super Duper You' which you can find here and here!

I am so SUPER DUPER happy that Super Duper You has been picked as book of the month by the wonders at Coram Beanstalk. I wrote the book hoping it would reassure and empower the reader, make them happy in the knowledge that they are brilliant in so many different, and often contradictory, ways. And instead of worrying about what they are not, celebrate and find joy in all the amazing things they are. And honestly, I think we all need a bit of that at the start of a new year!

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