About the book

Rocket launches, zero gravity and flying through space like a superhero! Jamie Drake’s dad is orbiting the Earth in the International Space Station and Jamie ought to think it’s cool but he just really misses him… Hanging out at his local observatory, Jamie picks up a strange signal on his phone. It looks like alien life might be getting closer to home. But space is a dangerous place and when his dad’s mission goes wrong, can Jamie prove that he’s a hero too?

Equally brilliant books with the same theme - Science Fiction

There seems to be a bit of a divide with science fiction - those that do and those that don't!  For those of us who don't 'do' sci-fi we need to be careful that we aren't denying the children we read with the opportunity to explore something that might just appeal to them.  

In fact, it's often unhelpful to categorise books as adventure, sci-fi, fantasy etc. and then pigeon-hole a child as liking one particular genre.  It's more helpful to take the time to find out what specifically a child enjoyed about a book and then offer others with similar characteristics.  When reading a science fiction book it might be the actual science they are fascinated by or it could be the fast-paced action, or the layout of the book itself - we need to keep offering a broad range of reading materials until a child is confident enough in their reader identity to seek out books for themselves.

Here are some books we think are #BeanstalkBrilliant for exploring Science Fiction 

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