It's the time of year when the shops are full of annually published books on almost every subject you can think of! But what makes these annual books such a great gift for a child?

Well firstly there's one for everyone! They showcase a whole range of subjects for every interest - everything from a favourite sport to a favoured toy, from a favourite computer game to a never-missed TV show.

They can offer new insights into a child's favourite things and give them more opportunities to explore 'behind the scenes' or build on their imaginative play.

And the best part is that no child needs to feel daunted by the amount of text or the number of pages because these books aren't necessarily designed to be read straight through from cover to cover. Children can pore over the books to their hearts content, picking and choosing the bits they want to read or look at - even more appealing to children who are interested in small facts and short stories.

About the book

The National Geographic Weird but True 2023: Wild and Wacky Facts and Photos!

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