Archie's Unbelievably Freaky Week - Andrew Norriss (author), Hannah Shaw (illustrator)

Archie is an accident waiting to happen. He can't help it. In just one week at school, he is accused of murder, gets trapped in the staff cloakroom without any clothes, and somehow manages to turn himself into a dog. Not to mention the poisonous spider and the Health and Safety Inspector who gets a toilet stuck on his head...

Review courtesy of GoodReads

Thank you so much for the news that my book Archie’s Unbelievably Freaky Week has been selected for your starter pack. I am, naturally, very chuffed, but perhaps more importantly I have just spent a half hour browsing your Coram Beanstalk website and been blown away by what I’ve read. What a wonderful, wonderful organisation. I read Rachel Ellis on the importance of choosing the ‘right’ book for a child, and remembered our second son finding his ‘golden’ book – the one that suddenly made him realise where this reading thing could take you. It was Mortal Engines, and I still don’t know the name of the school librarian who suggested he might like to read it, but he has been a voracious reader ever since. So... I am deeply honoured to have Archie thrown into the mix. I think Coram Beanstalk is a brilliant charity and I hope that my book is one that can help a child or two discover what fun the story game can be! Andrew Norriss, author