Planet Omar, Accidental Trouble Magnet is included in our Top 40 books.

It is an entertaining account of Omar’s struggles to fit in at a new school in a new area after having moved house because of his mum’s job. Omar quickly makes a friend, Charlie, but also becomes the target of class bully Daniel. What’s more, Mrs Rodgers who lives next door, is unwelcoming and refers to the family as ‘The Muslims’ in a way they find rude.

The book has a clever way of illustrating the text to really show Omar’s personality and to further explain some of the cultural differences. It showcases Islamic customs and celebrations well from the perspective of a child and challenges stereotypes people often have about Muslim families.

This really is an excellent book for Muslim children to see a reflection of their lives and families and for non-Muslim children to learn about other cultures. There is so much in this book that just shows Omar for who he is, a child in a loving family trying to find his way. Children from any background can relate to Omar who is a loveable character with a familiar life – playing his X-Box, squabbling with his siblings and finding his parents an embarrassment!

Planet Omar: Accidental Trouble Magnet by Zanib Mian | Hachette UK