Diverse protagonists

Understanding what is meant by offering children diverse books is very important. You can't have a singular diverse book but you can have a diverse bookshelf or library. And on that bookshelf children need to be able to choose from the widest range of characters, settings and plots.  These books shouldn't be just about battling against racism, homophobia or prejudice. Nor should they be solely folk tales, about civil rights or books set in foreign lands.  

This selection of books is all about children.  Children living their lives as children.  And children reading these books will see other children solving mysteries, learning about astronomy, starting a new school, being bullied or facing their fears.  Their situations or backgrounds are all different and so help young readers broaden their understanding of just how diverse the world we live in is.  

We are recommending these books with diverse protagonists to add into a bookshelf or reading list among all the other exciting children's books available and not for offering as a standalone 'diverse selection'.

Download this list of books here