Coram Beanstalk’s one-to-one reading support is proven to help improve the reading attainment, self-confidence and enjoyment of reading of children who are struggling or reluctant readers.

The impact of our primary school programme, Reading 321

Coram Beanstalk’s Reading 321 reading helpers use our Reading Records to demonstrate children’s progress under the following three outcomes:

  1. Children accelerate in their reading progress, narrowing the gap with their peers
  2. Children increase in confidence and attitudes to reading and wider learning
  3. Children increase their enjoyment of reading

Schools provide data on reading attainment, while reading helpers consider children’s levels against a variety of competency statements to demonstrate progress against reading, understanding, speaking, and confidence and enjoyment.

Below you will find a summary of our impact and evaluation analysis for our primary school programme Reading 321 for the academic year 2018/19.

Read our full Reading 321 Impact Report for the academic year 2018/19

The impact of our early years programme, Story Starters

Below you will find a link to our full impact and evaluation report for our early years programme Story Starters that covers the pilot phase of the programme 2017/19.

Read our full Impact and Evaluation report for our Story Starters programme for 2017/19

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