The long-summer is a great time to relax and forget about school and more formal learning, but it's also the perfect time to gently help children discover for themselves how much pleasure and relaxation reading can actually bring! 

We've come up with 6 simple and fun tips which can be used in the holidays, and all through the year, to help children choose reading through the summer and beyond. 

For children who are starting school in September, these tips will help them feel more ready for reading and enable them to start forming good reading habits. When children realise that books can be a source of fun as well as knowledge, they will be much more willing to engage in new reading activities they might do at school. 

For children who are already at primary school, when the summer holidays arrive it is definitely time for teachers, parents and children to take a well-earned break from the school routine. However, for lots of children this long break can mean that the hard work they’ve put into creating good reading habits over the year can get lost. With many children not having access to a range of books at home, this can mean that some children go the entire 6 weeks without reading or sharing a book.

And don't forget that it is free to sign up to your local library and children are able to take out a number of books each time they visit. Libraries across the country run the Reading Agency’s Summer Reading Challenge which is a great way to get children excited about visiting the library and introducing them to a wide choice of titles and genres!

Download six ways to help children choose reading here