By Lewis Holmes, a ReadUp volunteer from Robert Clack 6th Form.

I've been a ReadUp volunteer for over a year now, I often get asked why I do here are my top 5 reasons why it's so great!  

  1. It means you can be a role model and help a child reach for the stars. Even at a young age children can be inspired to dream big, and you can be the one who inspires them. Children enjoy spending time - and relate better – with people near their own age, you can be the person who they look up to as a role model.
  2. Primary school can be really difficult for some children, and you can be the one who transforms their education. By improving their reading ability and confidence, you can give them the skills they need to succeed in their exams and progress with confidence to secondary school.
  3. It looks great on UCAS applications. Yes it’s a bit shallow, but I’m applying for university at the moment and showing that you’ve helped the education of a child in your community really helps with the dreaded personal statement.
  4. You can be the one who shares the magic of reading with them. There’s so much interactive and digital fun for children today, that it’s not too surprising that reading isn’t always top of their list of fun. But by sharing your love of reading, and giving them time to read with no distractions, you can introduce them to the magic of books like ‘Green Eggs and Ham’…a book everyone seems to love!
  5. It’s not a one way thing, you learn lots as well. It sounds like an ‘old-person’ thing to say, but children have a totally different experience of childhood nowadays. Everything, from how they learn to how they spend their free-time, is changing, and it can really open your mind to new ways of thinking and relating to people.

Beanstalk is proud to support the #iwillweek campaign and pledge to engage 1,000 young people in local social action, such as ReadUp. Ask your school or college to get involved in ReadUp by contacting us today!