Holly Hopkinson is almost 10 and very happy with her life thank you. Her older brother Harold and older sister Harmony are pretty annoying but nothing she can’t handle. She has her best friend Aleeshaa and they’re planning to go to art school together. Yep, life is pretty good.

Until….her dad loses his job and Holly suddenly finds herself living on her grandpa’s farm in the middle of nowhere! How will she survive without Aleeshaa?!

With her mum commuting to London, her dad spending his days on the sofa and Harold permanently listening to music through his headphones, Holly writes to Aunt Electra in desperation.

Holly’s birthday arrives, she’s finally 10 but it looks like her day is going to be a bit of a disaster until Aunt Electra brings her an exciting birthday present! Sadly not the smartphone she’s been after since dropping hers down the toilet, but a magic pocket watch!

Despite having over 300 pages, The Super-Secret Diary of Holly Hopkinson is written in short punchy chapters with quirky illustrations making it perfectly accessible for children who get easily overwhelmed by longer books. It’s fun, funny, fast-paced and exciting and has a great depth for those readers who want to dig a little deeper.

At Coram Beanstalk we recommend books we believe will interest children who don’t yet consider reading to be for them and this book certainly hits the spot!

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