A new Books Together programme has been developed to support parents of young children to read together regularly and encourage them to embed storytelling into their routine, through a series of informative and interactive sessions within Coram Family and Childcare's Parent Champions programme.

The project will be co-delivered by Coram Beanstalk, drawing on our shared expertise as members of the Coram family, and supported by the Mercers’ Company as trustee of the Charity of Sir Richard Whittington.

Books Together aims to reach families with young children aged two to five who are most likely to start school with lower levels of emergent literacy than their peers. The sessions will focus on developing reading skills for both parents and children so that becomes a habitual activity in the home environment, increasing children’s literacy skills. The programme will be delivered in three dynamic interactive sessions in local communities to help more families discover the pure joy of books and access the incredible benefits of reading together. It will also will provide useful tips, resources and ideas to encourage families to discover the joy and fun of reading together.

This parent-led approach will reach the families who face the most barriers, designed by the people who understand these barriers and how to overcome them.

Having shared the joy of reading with many children in the family, I know there's no better activity than picking up a book and enjoying it together. Working with Beanstalk for over 12 years I've learnt just how vital having a love for reading is in giving children the best chance of a bright future. Books Together is a brilliant initiative that will help bring the joy of reading into the homes of many children to help them begin their chapter of a book filled life and we are delighted to be involved with its creation and delivery.

Amy Lewis, Head of Coram Beanstalk 

Read more about Coram Family and Childcare's Books Together programme here