We are delighted to announce that long-standing Coram Beanstalk reading helper Anne Salmon has been named as Volunteer of the Year in the Kent Teacher Awards 2024, organised by Social Enterprise Kent.

Anne who has volunteered with us for 10 years in a school in Maidstone was presented with the Maidstone District Volunteer of the Year 2024 award at a glittering ceremony at Ashford International Hotel.
"Let me introduce you to a woman who has truly made a difference at Archbishop Courtenay Primary School. She's not a world-renowned author, however she's inspired countless children to fall in love with reading. Meet Anne Salmon, our deserving winner of the Maidstone District Volunteer of the Year Award!
Anne has been a steadfast Coram Beanstalk reading scheme volunteer reader, helping children, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds or those learning English as an additional language, to read and enjoy books. Her commitment to fostering a love for reading in children has elicited glowing praises from parents, the Senior Leadership Team, and the children themselves. "It's fun and we do reading together," one of the children she helps says. Isn't that what reading should be all about?
But Anne's dedication extends beyond her regular reading sessions. She's a vibrant part of the Coram Beanstalk community, consistently seeking to enrich her knowledge about children's literature and effective reading strategies.
Her dedication goes beyond just teaching children to read; she is helping to mould confident, eager readers who choose to read for pleasure. This is no small feat, and Anne’s impact has been transformative.
So let’s raise our reading glasses to Anne, a true champion of literacy, a role model in our community a woman whose passion for reading is only matched by her dedication to the children. Here's to you, Anne!"
Anne was delighted to have been nominated and told us:
"The nomination came as a complete surprise to me. My husband and I had a very enjoyable evening out and I was stunned by the dedication of all the nominees, who go over and above their jobs to enhance children’s school experience. I am passionate about every child learning to read, helping them to overcome barriers to reading and enjoy reading as much as I do!"
Grace Donnay, Inclusion Manager, at the school said:
"We have seen reluctant readers flourish and develop their reading skills and this, in part, is all thanks to Anne and her dedication to support children at a young age! We are thrilled she has won this award which is very much deserved."