Story Starters

Life is better when everyone can read well and express themselves with confidence. Story Starters is a new programme that gives children aged three to five years old the language and communication skills they need to start school ready to learn and all set to reach for the stars. 

Story Starters has been made possible by players of People’s Postcode LotteryWe received £1 million from the People’s Postcode Lottery Dream Fund to launch Story Starters in January 2017. 

#StoriesFromStoryStarters - meet Yvonne!

Yvonne is one of our Story Starters volunteers in Shropshire and has been volunteering since June 2018. Read more about her exciting and rewarding sessions with nursery children here...Read more

#Summerreads - inspirational tips from Story Starter volunteers and staff

Summer is finally here and our volunteers and staff at Beanstalk and Story Starters have collected a list of recommendations for good summer reads. Read more here..Read more

#ToddlerTales - Relating stories to own life experiences

Our Story Starters children often link the stories from the books they are presented with to situations in their own life and this can be a great springboard to further discussions on real-life topics. Read more here..Read more

#ToddlerTales - The Story Starter books

When our volunteers go into nursery for the first time, they are presented with a set of books that both challenge and engage the children and introduce them to the world of books and stories. Read more here..Read more

#ToddlerTales - Use of props in Story Starter sessions

Using props in storytelling can really enrich the experience and encourage a pleasant involvement with books and stories for younger children. Read more here..Read more

#StoriesFromStoryStarters - meet Katie and Heleema

Our two Story Starters Heleema and Katie talk about why they chose to become volunteers and what they enjoy the most about the sessions. Read more here…Read more

#StoriesFromStoryStarters - read Penny's story

Penny is one of our lovely Story Starters who has volunteered with us since June 2017. Read more about her voluntary experience and her passion for books here..Read more

#StoriesFromStoryStarters - meet Pauline

Pauline finds volunteering as a Story Starter rewarding because she is having a real input into a child’s development. Read more about her experience here.Read more

Isobel presents our first #StoriesFromStoryStarters

Isobel has volunteered as a Story Starter since December 2017. She enjoys witnessing the children’s engagement and develop their confidence. Read more here!Read more

How can we bring the benefits of joint book reading to disadvantaged children?

It is a sad fact that many disadvantaged children enter school without the language skills they need to succeed in the classroom. One way of boosting toddlers’ language development is to engage them in joint book reading.Read more