Every week we will be sharing stories from our Story Starter volunteers to spread the word about the importance of the support they give and the lasting difference they make. 

Volunteering on a weekly basis, our Story Starters provide children in local early years’ settings (e.g. nurseries), one-to-one support and encouragement to develop their language and communication skills and help them start school ready to read.

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What would you say to anyone who is interested in becoming a Story Starter volunteer? It's a brilliant opportunity. The children are fantastic and watching them increase their focus, understanding and language skills is magical, it feels great to help them learn. It's also a great experience if you're looking to work with children in the future, or very fulfilling if you just have some time to spare. Most importantly, I believe it really benefits the children.

What is your favorite part about volunteering? Seeing the children become more engaged with stories and learning new words. When I first started reading Dear Zoo with one of the children, they could only name one animal, now they know them all! That's a brilliant feeling.

What motivated you to become a volunteer with Story Starters? I’m keen to work with young children and want to build up my experience. I'm also passionate about helping children learn to read and ensuring they’re ready to read when they start school.

What has been the children’s reactions to the session? They’ve reacted really positively and I've never struggled to get them to come for story time. They enjoy the use of props too.


Why did you want to become a volunteer with Story Starters?

I wanted to be a Story Starter to encourage children to enjoy stories. I enjoy reading to young children, and I want them to enjoy the book and have a conversation about what we have read.

What is the best bit about volunteering?

The best bit is sharing the experience of the chosen book and to engage the child to take a positive interest. And have fun reading the story!

What has been your favourite moment so far in your volunteering?

Just love the reaction of the children! Today for instance they were waiting for me to read to them and that is very encouraging.

You can apply to become a Story Starter here