Our trainers bring a wealth of experience when they come to train your volunteers or staff. 

Trainer– Lorraine Dowson

Hi, I’m Lorraine, I’ve worked with Coram Beanstalk since 2014, training volunteers to help children discover a love of reading. From my first job as a primary teacher in a disadvantaged area of Leeds, through work in Early Years, community education and post-16 education as a lecturer and manager in Lancashire, I have seen the power of good literacy skills to change lives. Reading was my first love and it has always been a joy to share wonderful words and stories with children of all ages. My last job in mainstream education was to run a new library in a primary school, which wanted to inspire all its children to read for pleasure. If we can do that through our reading helpers and help children to build confidence in reading we are well on the way to achieving the Coram Beanstalk aims that inspired me to join this amazing charity.

Trainer - Kate Denby

Hi, I’m Kate and I’ve been a Trainer with Coram Beanstalk since June 2018. Before that, I worked in both Early Years and Primary education for 22 years as a class teacher and senior school leader. As a struggling young reader, I was fortunate to have a family who delighted in the sharing of books. So, whilst I found the mechanics of reading difficult, I was still very much able to immerse myself in that wonderful fantasy world of adventure through being read to. I love my job at Coram Beanstalk as I’m able to utilise my skills, and love of books to enable individuals to share the pleasure of reading with young people. When training I do share the odd anecdote from my teaching days, because I know that our focus on reading for pleasure is such a crucial thing. Stories are, after all for sharing.

Trainer – Sara Browne

Hi, I’m Sara. I have been with Coram Beanstalk since 2016, first as a volunteer reading helper and now as a Trainer. I originally trained as an actor, before becoming a Portage worker, working with pre-school children with additional needs. I spent twelve years as a lecturer in Early Years Development and Education.  This gave me a strong insight into the importance of sharing books with young children, something that doesn’t always happen consistently in the home.

I find it difficult to think of a day passing without reading a book of some kind, and I love bringing the enjoyment of great books to the children I see. It is exciting to share Coram Beanstalk’s successful child-focused approach with people on our training courses. I enjoy setting them off on their own confident path as reading helpers, ready to help children discover new worlds through a love of reading.