Jade Knappett - Admin Team Manager

Hello, I’m Jade. I’m the Admin Team Manager and I’ve worked for Coram Beanstalk since 2016. During my time at Coram Beanstalk I have worked with lots of amazing people to support them on their journey to become a reading helper. The Admin Team helps volunteers progress from applying to training and then to being set up in a school ready to support children. I love seeing the enthusiasm and commitment that our volunteers encompass throughout the process to become a reading helper, it is truly inspiring!

Jane Bryan - Administrator

Hi my name is Jane. I’ve worked with Coram Beanstalk since 2016. During that time I’ve spoken to and helped lots of prospective volunteers along the way to becoming Coram Beanstalk reading helpers.  I love to read and feel every child should have the opportunity to enjoy reading too.

Zobia Mahmood - Administrator

Hi my name is Zobia and I’ve worked with Coram Beanstalk since May 2018. During this time, I’ve helped lots of volunteers get placed into schools and have enjoyed hearing their experiences of their first reading sessions with children. I feel connected to Coram Beanstalk’s work as I believe it is important for children to enjoy reading as it opens up a world of fun and imagination!

Elena Syvokaite - Administrator

Hello my name is Elena. I’ve worked with Coram Beanstalk since February 2020. I barely read as a child but when I moved to London at 10 years old, reading became my only refuge from the new world around me. It helped me learn the language and ground my identity. For this reason, I feel really close to the charity’s ethos and I have infinite empathy for the children our amazing reading helpers support on a regular basis!

Sally Webb - Administrator

Hello, my name is Sally and I have been an administrator with Coram Beanstalk since January 2014. My role was very different when I first started working for the charity and I have seen many changes along the way. My favourite part of the job has always been talking to the volunteers and supporting them and I have met some great people over the years.