7th March 2019

This World Book Day (Thursday 7th March) we are appealing for more volunteers across England to join our network of reading helpers who transform children’s lives by helping them become more confident readers. 

World Book Day is excellent at connecting children and books but it’s important that year-long interventions like ours provide consistent and regular support that encourage a love of reading to last a lifetime, as Ginny Lunn, Managing Director of Coram Beanstalk, explains:  

“Books are at the heart of what we do delivering vital reading programmes to children who need extra one-to-one help with their reading and World Book Day is such a wonderful way to celebrate books and help bring to life the characters and magical lands that the authors create and transport us to. However, it brings to light even more so how empty a world without books can be and if a child falls behind with their reading and doesn’t have access to books and regular reading support, it can affect all aspects of their life and leave them feeling they have limited opportunities for a successful education and career.  

Coram Beanstalk volunteers help bring the magic back in to reading for children who may be reluctant or have become disengaged with reading and are at risk of falling behind. Our volunteers receive excellent training to ensure they are equipped to help motivate and support children to feel more positive about his or her own reading and have fun with books in a way that enriches and enhances a child’s learning. To help us reach more children and help give them equal opportunities to succeed in life, we need more volunteers to help deliver this one-to-one support in schools and early settings across England. If you think you help us spread a love of reading, please consider becoming a reading helper with Coram Beanstalk.”    

In 2017-2018 approximately 3,700 Coram Beanstalk reading helpers supported approximately 13,400 children with their reading. In the next academic year we aim to have reached 15,000 children through the help of our reading helpers. 

If you would be interested in becoming a reading helper, please visit fill out an online application form or call us on 020 7729 4087. 

Don't have time to volunteer?  

If you don’t have the time to volunteer but still would like to help rewrite the story for many struggling readers, please consider donating to Coram Beanstalk to help deliver our programmes to more children in areas of greatest need.