The 500 Words: Black Lives Matter book

The 500 Words: Black Lives Matter book is an inspiring collection of children's writing submitted to the 500 Words competition 2020 in the Black Lives Matter category. Around 6000 children aged between 5 and 13 years old added their voices to the conversation around the Black Lives Matter movement by expressing themselves through stories, poems and real-life experiences. This is one of the most vital conversations in society today: understanding the perspectives of the younger generation is incredibly important - they are our future.

The shortlisted 8 entries, plus a further 92, have been collated in this powerful and  timely book which includes a foreword from Virgin Radio DJ Chris Evans and writing tips for young writers from the judges. 

The importance of getting this book into the hands of children 

At Coram Beanstalk we believe that children across the country should have access to this book - and not just those who have someone in their lives who feels that this is something they should be encouraged to read, and who are in a position to buy it.

This book provides an immediate opportunity to engage and inform all children through the reflection and conversations that will be prompted by the texts and has legacy: as a valuable record of how children feel about the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020. It's a chance for children to see themselves reflected and also to know that there are other children who may feel the same way they do. It's an opportunity for all children to learn about equality and read about experiences which may not necessarily have ever affected them in the same way.

If we can ensure that every one of our 900 Coram Beanstalk schools has at least one copy of this book in their library our reading helpers, and school staff, can make sure that every child has a chance to consider and connect personally - and educationally - with this hugely relevant topic.

Just £7 will get one copy into one school library where all the children will be able to access it. £6500 will allow us to purchase and distribute one copy of this book to each of our 900 schools.