27 July 2018

Beanstalk Ambassador and well-known historian, Dan Snow, kindly donated dozens of tickets so that lucky competition winners could attend his 'An Evening With Dan Snow' in their local areas. Dan donated two tickets to each of his events in New Brighton, Sale (North West), Bury St Edmunds (East of England), Swindon, Cheltenham (South West), Shresbury, Stafford (Midlands) and Tunbridge Wells (South East). Some of the lucky winners of the tickets even got to meet Dan himself! 

'An Evening With Dan Snow' consists of Dan talking about his history as a television historian and a delve into the local history of each area that he visits. Local Beanstalk teams were able to take advantage of the event and set up camp in the foyer of many of the events, enabling them to talk to the audience members about Beanstalk and the work that our volunteers carry out. 

As a Beanstalk ambassador Dan is a passionate supporter of the national reading charity and is keen to promote the importance of getting children excited about books and literacy. He is very proactive in promoting Beanstalk’s vision to help the charity deliver more one-to-one support to children aged 3 to 13 with reading, turning them into confident, passionate and able readers.  


“Through my work I visit a lot of schools and have seen the importance of reading. In today’s world, without literacy, you’ve got nothing. You cannot engage with the internet, you can’t engage fully with society, and so it’s enormously important that we support children with their literacy now to give them the best chance of a successful future." Dan Snow enthused, "Beanstalk is really taking the fight on illiteracy into schools, taking it to young people. Not being able to read is a very real problem, but it is a solvable problem. Beanstalk’s volunteers make such a difference to the lives of the children they support, helping them face the world with confidence.”