8 November 2018

Beanstalk was lucky enough to welcome the incredibly talented Caroline Chapple, founder of Chapple Cartoons, who gave her time to uniquely capture Beanstalk BookFest 2018 by producing a wonderful graphic recording of the event.


Caroline is a graphic recorder, illustrator and cartoonist with a background in marketing. She typically works with businesses to visually 'map' information to create a more accessible way for their teams or clients to understand the key messages and ways of working.


Her work involves creating on-the-spot visual summaries of the content or conversations at conferences, workshops and meetings. It gives the people involved a unique and engaging way to revisit and remember the information they’ve heard.


Caroline was keen to get involved in BookFest and set up her drawing board at the start of the day, moving around to the different talks and workshops in order to record each activity that took place. 


Caroline said: “I really LOVED being able to graphically record Beanstalk BookFest 2018. Beanstalk are an incredible charity, with such great heart, providing volunteer readers to help literacy and encourage reading for all it brings, including just the sheer joy of it!”


Thank you so much to Caroline for generously giving up her time and preserving Beanstalk BookFest 2018 in such an engaging and meaningful way!