3.1 How much does the service cost and what does the cost go towards? 

For an annual cost of £690 we will aim to place your first reading helper and we will invoice you once they start. If you support us by sharing our community awareness-raising messages, and have someone successfully apply and train as a result of this, we will aim to place them as an additional reading helper with no further charge.

Funds go towards our running costs - we’re a registered charity and currently fundraising covers 65% of costs. We need to maintain a small staff team and systems to ensure that our volunteer programme is well-managed and co-ordinated.

3.2 How could we fund your service? 

Many schools use their Pupil Premium funds to support children with this service as it directly impacts the individual child. It's also worth considering whether you're able to access funding from virtual schools, local businesses, PTA fundraising or small trusts in your local area. We even have some schools benefitting from the support of their local independent schools.

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