2nd April 2020

We are at the start of British Summertime. And the world is not as we expected it to be.

For me it feels somewhat familiar. Five years ago my partner was diagnosed with cancer and my life was turned upside down. Suddenly the world changed, days became restricted and limited. My new life was that of hospitals and treatment. Through that time I learnt the importance of taking one day at a time, the incredible dedication of the NHS and the value of support all around. I can see this again now. In particular I see now, as I did then, how much more difficult these challenges are when support is lacking for individuals, when you don't have the same space or financial means as others. The situation is far more acute for some. I starkly remember my time at Save the Children where I would visit homes of families who received Save the Children's 'crisis grant'. Bare walls, no furniture and a lack of toys and books for their children. These children and families have had these stresses and strains years before COVID-19 arrived. 

It is our job at Coram Beanstalk, and across the wider Coram Group, to do what we can to support the vulnerable children and families at this time. Coram Beanstalk has fabulous partners all who are immediately working hard to support where possible: local authorities, schools, charities, corporate organisations and funders. It is inspiring to see everyone wanting to support and deliver results whilst facing extreme challenges professionally and personally. 

We are being calm and planning, we will continue to deliver services through this time, different, but we will deliver. We are very aware that when children return to school after this period the need for our support will be greater than ever. We are putting significant energy into preparing for that too. 

We will keep you updated over the coming weeks about the initiatives we are putting into place. For the time-being you can find various resources for reading with children here and we will be providing any updates via our news page. 

Take care of yourselves. Stay home. Stay safe. Protect the NHS

Ginny Lunn, MD Coram Beanstalk