The Suitcase is an impressive multi-layered picture book with the story split very neatly between the words and the illustrations.

A strange looking creature pulling a suitcase arrives one day and is met by a rabbit, a bird and a fox. His response when asked what is in his suitcase, makes the trio unsure whether he is telling the truth.

The Suitcase gives us a wonderful opportunity to explore our reactions to someone or something unfamiliar to us – and to see how wrong we can get it!

With underlying themes of mistrust and suspicion leading to kindness and empathy providing a great opportunity for conversation, this book is a must for everyone’s bookcase – child or adult. At Beanstalk we used The Suitcase as a focus for our reading helper learning and development discussions and proved just that.

Take a look at this short film where Chris talks about his books, his nomination for the Kate Greenaway Award, libraries and becoming an illustrator.  

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