Beanstalk’s one-to-one literacy support is proven to help improve the reading attainment, self-confidence and enjoyment of reading of children who are struggling or reluctant readers.

How it works

You can allocate three children to work with each Beanstalk trained reading helper. They will spend 30 minutes with each child, twice a week, reading, chatting and playing games.  

Each Beanstalk reading helper is recruited, vetted, trained and supported by Beanstalk meaning that there is no extra work for your school.

We are committed to safeguarding the welfare of children and require all staff and volunteers to share this commitment. 

Our expertise

Beanstalk trained reading helpers provide a different kind of support to a school's own reading helpers and quite different to that of a teaching assistant. 

The consistent, individual support provided by Beanstalk trained reading helpers provides the right environment for children to develop the skills and confidence they need to reach their potential.

Beanstalk understands that each child struggles with reading for different reasons. We support children whose circumstances and life experiences mean they:

  • start school with low prior attainment and are struggling to close the gap
  • are making less than expected progress 
  • have slower progress than their peers
  • are no longer matching their previous rate of progress
  • struggle to be engaged with their reading 

We tailor each session to the child’s needs and ensure that our reading helpers receive the best possible training and support.

The low-cost of £580 per reading helper is a great way of using your Pupil Premium and drawing praise from OFSTED.

Proven results

Beanstalk has been working in my school for several years and their involvement has had a very positive impact on all the children who have been involved. David Harrison, Head Teacher at Bramley Primary, Leeds

The support provided by Beanstalk trained reading helpers is proven to increase the reading attainment and confidence of children: 

  • 93% of Beanstalk supported children made meaningful improvement in their reading ability after just 3 terms' worth of support
  • 74% of Beanstalk supported children improved their reading ability by at least two reading sub-levels
  • Children from a low income background (on Free Schools Meals) may particularly benefit from the intervention, making on average 0.5 sub-levels progress more sub-level progression than all children who weren’t on Free School Meals
  • 99% of schools agreed that their reading helpers made a significant impact on the children they supported
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