We help schools to:
  • Achieve your targets.
  • Enrich children’s learning and help every child fulfil their potential.
  • Make the best use of time and resources and demonstrate value for money.
  • Give children the time to discover the pleasure of reading.

Our magic ingredients:

  • We work closely with your school to understand the needs of each child.
  • We provide impact data gathered by our trained reading helpers to show progress.
  • We use conversation and play to help children along the literacy path.
  • We introduce the child to an extended range of materials.

We know it works:

  • 97% of schools would recommend Beanstalk to others
  • 98% agreed that Beanstalk trained reading helpers helped the children they support to improve their attitude to reading.
  • 98% agreed that Beanstalk trained reading helpers helped the children they support to increase in confidence
  • 94% agreed that Beanstalk reading helpers enriched the learning of the children they support.
  • 94% agreed that Beanstalk’s service was good value for money.
  • 97% agreed that because Beanstalk carries out all the recruitment, DBS-checking, training and support of its volunteers their staff’s valuable time was saved.

The cost of Beanstalk’s trained one-to-one support is £214 per per child per year for twice weekly support. We charge per child to make it easier for you to demonstrate the individual children’s additional support.

Read more about how we can help spread the magic of reading to pupils in your school, or hear from one of our partner schools in our blog section. 

Having found that the impact on reading levels, confidence in reading and self-esteem was so significant in our academy with one Beanstalk volunteer, we decided to continue to pay for a second one and now we have three who visit our school weekly. What a great resource! Amanda Chalk, Assistant Principal and SENCO, St James the Great Academy

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