At £660 for a year of volunteer support (equivalent to £3.75 per half hour reading session), our reading programme gives you access to capable, independent adults who are trained and supported to offer a high level of tailored support to children who have already fallen, or are at risk of falling, behind age-related expectations.

Coram Beanstalk provides an invaluable service to our school. There has been a clear impact on the children in their reading ability as well as a boost in confidence and their engagement in reading. Claire Higgins, St John Fisher RC Primary School

For children who:

  • Arrive into Nursery, Reception or Year One without having had the pre-reading experiences and engagement around books at home that they need.
  • Aren’t getting/haven’t had the wider encouragement and help at home through KS1 from which we know that every child benefits as they are learning to read.
  • Need extra support as they extend the breadth and depth of their reading experiences and become effective, independent readers into KS2.

Children may be:

  • From homes where no-one is available to them who has the skills, attitudes, resources and confidence to ‘do reading’ effectively, including those actively looking for guidance as well as those where parental engagement is limited.
  • Experiencing the kind of difficult life experiences that means support with reading, has been or is inconsistent or insufficient. This can include, but isn’t limited to, looked-after and previously looked-after children.
  • From homes that provide rich and inspiring reading experiences but in a language other than English.

Our reading support programme, Reading 321 gives you the flexibility you need to mobilise highly-trained volunteers to offer 1-2-1 support directly to children who need more intense or longer-term individual support.

Our training for EYFS, KS1, and KS2 children has been developed by and with teaching professionals and academic experts to ensure that volunteers are equipped with evidence-based techniques that have been proven to deliver the specific outcomes that children, who are significantly behind their peers in reading, need to catch up.

Our trained reading helpers bring with them and use a range of brilliant children's books - that remain with your school - selected specifically for their effectiveness in engaging children who ‘don’t do reading’.

Trained volunteers are the ideal solution when you know that purposeful extra help would complement and bolster the work of your teaching staff to engage and inspire children and change them from an entrenched position - taking them from “can’t read/don’t want to read” to “can read and choosing to read”.

Having found that the impact on reading levels, confidence and self-confidence was so significant in our academy with one Coram Beanstalk reading helper, we decided to get two more - what a great resource! Amanda Chalk, St James the Great Academy

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