International Volunteer Day - Helping to build stronger communities

Beanstalk's CEO reflects on the importance of volunteers in helping shape stronger and more resilient communities...Read more

"At first, there seemed to be little improvement. But gradually, they all became more fluent."

In our final blog of #BeanstalkMensMonth, Pete from London explains why he finds being reading helper loads of fun...Read more

The power of parental involvement

Parentkind talks to Beanstalk about the role of parents and how their input can hugely benefit schools.Read more

"Primary teaching is rewarding, challenging, exciting and often difficult"

Deputy Headteacher Kevin Taggart talks about being a male primary school teacher and how inspiring young learners is key for him...Read more

"It was a baptism of fire! I had to learn very quickly how to encourage a nine year old to see the fun and value in reading"

Martin writes about the 'remarkable surprises' he has found along the way as a Beanstalk reading helper...Read more

"You can not only change a life, you can actually save lives", says Mat Tobin

Mathew Tobin, a Senior Lecturer in English and Children's Literature at Oxford Brookes University, explains how gender roles have influenced our upbringing and how encouraging more men in to schools can only be a good thing...Read more

“I began to realise that I missed working with children”

Beanstalk reading helper Marietta talks about rediscovering a love of working with children after her own left for university...Read more

“I suddenly worried about what I was going to do with my time”

When her own children left home to go to university, Amanda decided she wanted to go back to school to help other children become successful in the education and future lives...Read more

"The programme works brilliantly in the school and the results are inspiring"

Mark Seymour, Assistant Head Teacher at Longsands Academy, explains how the Reading Leaders programme works in his school...Read more

Back to school for everyone, even Mum!

"The idea that I can share my passion for books with Beanstalk children is very rewarding." With fond memories of reading with her own children who are now teenagers, Beanstalk reading helper Carrie found herself with a little more time on her hands; time she has chosen to give to Beanstalk to read with children in her local primary school.Read more