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The primary schools we work with find that Beanstalk’s support makes a lasting difference to children’s lives. 

In the last academic year (2013-2014) we helped over 8,400 children across England in over 1,200 schools through the help of over almost 2,800 reading helpers.

To demonstrate the effectiveness of our service, we monitor both attainment and attitudinal outcomes for the children we work with.

To measure attainment outcomes, we ask the schools we work with to capture information on the reading levels of the children that we support. The Government target is to improve by 2 reading sub-levels a year. On average, the year before they were supported by a Beanstalk reading helper the children we work with had shown minimal or no progress. After three terms of working with a Beanstalk reading helper, the children we support had improved on average by 2.4 reading sub-levels on average.1 This shows the impact our support can have on a child’s reading.  

In February 2015 we launched our Annual Review and Impact Report 2013-14, which provided the most extensive information to date on the positive impact Beanstalk reading helpers are able to have. The report showed that:

  • 93% of Beanstalk supported children made meaningful improvement in their reading ability
  • 74% of Beanstalk supported children improved their reading ability by at least two reading sub-levels
  • Children from a low income background (on Free Schools Meals) may particularly benefit from the intervention, making on average 0.5 sub-levels progress more sub-level progression than all children who weren’t on Free School Meals
  • 99% of schools agreed that their reading helpers made a significant impact on the children they supported

This shows the impact our support can have on a child’s reading.

To measure attitudinal outcomes, in 2012 we introduced a new survey that we undertake with a sample of the children we support at the start of our intervention and again at the end, to see how their attitude to reading and to learning has changed. 

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(1 Based on information captured in the Beanstalk Annual Review and Impact Report 2013-14)