Coram Beanstalk's training for reading helpers is perfect for schools that want to inspire their pupils to read for pleasure whilst implementing a 'whole-school' reading approach.

What is Coram Beanstalk's reading helper training? 

This three-hour course is delivered on site by a professional Coram Beanstalk trainer to a selected group of volunteers from the school community, or a selected group of foster carers. Participants will receive inspiring training on how to run one-to-one sessions with children in Years 1 to 4 that encourage reading for pleasure whilst complementing the quality teaching of the school staff.

As part of the training package you will receive:

  • Online promotional materials and templates to attract the right people to the training course
  • High-quality, evidence-based interactive training delivered by a skilled trainer
  • Reference materials to share via email that summarise and reinforce content delivered on the day

Who is this course designed for? 

This short course is designed for:

  • Primary schools with volunteers that help Years 1 to 4 children with their reading - parents, carers or other members of the community
  • Virtual schools or fostering agencies looking to train foster carers who are supporting children in Years 1 to 4 
  • Independent schools who wish to train their older students to provide reading support to children in Years 1 to 4 in local state primary schools to demonstrate their charitable benefit
  • Businesses who provide volunteers to local primary schools to help children in Years 1 to 4 with their reading

Course learning outcomes 

Participants of the course will learn how to:

  • Help children to become confident and willing readers 
  • Have purposeful book-based conversations with a child within a relaxed reading session
  • Read aloud really well to children of all ages
  • Motivate and support a child to feel more positive about his or her own reading
  • Check and deepen children’s comprehension
  • Have fun with books in a way that enriches and enhances a child’s learning 

The course is designed to take away any worries about supporting the 'teaching' of reading and leave people free to share the joy of brilliant books with children. Once your reading volunteers have received the training, they will be equipped to support children within your school to read for pleasure and grow a love of reading.

Course content

The course covers:

  • Creating the right relationship - how to engage a child in conversation to make a good start and continue having purposeful conversations to create a relaxed reading session
  • Book-based fun - how to use books in a way that is fun and enjoyable to boost reading skills without focusing on the text
  • Reading aloud - how to read to the child in a way that brings meaning to the text and inspires and engages
  • Creating a positive and supportive reading space - how to encourage, motivate and support a child to read to you that sets them up for success to help them feel positive about their reading
  • Checking and deepening understanding - how to use talk and questioning to check the child has understood what you have read together and to build on existing knowledge to deepen understanding

Our reading helper training works best for schools that can source between 12-20 parents or people within their community who are capable, confident and understand the need for reading for pleasure.

The course costs £1,500 for a group size of up to 20 individuals.

Had only positive feedback so far from the session and the group are very keen to get started working with the children! Jim Roebuck, Deputy Headteacher, Beckford Primary School, London

Why choose Coram Beanstalk? 

We are an award-winning national reading charity with over 45 years' experience in training volunteers to help children aged 3-13 to improve their reading skills. 74% of children showed an improvement in their reading ability after working with a reading helper we trained.

For more information, simply fill in the form below, email [email protected] or call 020 7729 4087.

I was very impressed by the training and although reading has always been a favourite pastime, I came away with a new perspective on the subject of reading and how to better help children who need support. Reading helper, London.